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Professional Inspections & Additional Services.

Do you know that in the State of Texas many homes are built every year in areas where no Building Authority exists?  Many Counties throughout Texas have no requirements for: (1) Plan check or Plan submittal, (2) Permit requirement, (3) Phased inspections of construction, (4) Final inspection at completion.  The State of Texas also does not require that a builder be a licensed contractor, have any liability insurance nor are they required to be bonded.  The architectural and engineering industry does all it can to put forth professional drawings and engineered systems, but, without (a)follow-up and review of the  conformity with drawings and codes, (b)systems that meet the issues for the location of the home or structure, (c)quality of the construction, (d)safety of the installed systems, (e)conformation that products and equipment are as listed by the drawings and specifications, then, the home owner/builder is faced with not knowing the true value and quality of the structure invested in.  Without these requirements the builder and/or the owner become the only people responsible for completion and quality of the new home or building.  Are you comfortable with this?   

Additional Services we offered to our Clients:

As allowed under the rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission, the Barrett Company offers the following services to our clients:

1. Estimating Services for Owners, Owner/Builders.

a. Includes homes, commercial buildings, shop, storage, ranch facilities and investment buildings.

b. Budget Estimates, Cost-to-Build Estimates and Estimate Reviews for Owner/Builders.

2. Phase Draw Inspections for owners, owner/builders or lenders.

a. Includes:  Phased construction draw requests, all types of facilities.

3. Phase Construction Inspections for builders, owner/builders, lenders, in unincorporated areas.

4. Quality Control construction inspections for owner/builders in unincorporated areas.

a. Residential, commercial and investment buildings.

b. Phased quality construction inspections.

c. Draw inspections for requested payments by builder to owner/lender, if applicable.

5. Required Inspections for lenders, escrow requirements, local authorities or agencies.

6. Specification review for compliance with applicable codes.

a. Plan drawing review for compliance with requirements of codes.

b. Review of submittal(s) compliance with submitted drawings.

c. Review of products delivered/installed to site for compliance with submittals.

d. All services as indicated above to assure compliance with codes, safety requirements, and specifications as shown on provided drawings.   

“Specifications and Codes exist for the betterment of the product, if implemented”